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NRI Corner: Capital Gains Tax for NRIs

In this post, I will focus on certain aspects of capital gains taxation for non-resident Indians (NRIs). Even though the rate of capital gains tax is same for residents and non-residents, there are a few differences that affect taxation for

Absolute commissions paid to MF distributors to be disclosed in CAS

SEBI has come out with a circular specifying the disclosure format for Consolidated Account Statement to be issued to investors by AMCs on a half-yearly basis. You can go through the SEBI Circular here. SEBI has also provided sample format

Single Premium or Regular Premium Term Insurance Plan?

You have made a prudent decision to bypass endowment plans and ULIPs to meet your life insurance requirement. You have decided to purchase a term life insurance plan. However, you are still undecided about the premium payment mode.  Should you

There is no LABH in LIC Jeevan Labh

LIC Jeevan Labh (Plan 836) is a limited premium, non-linked participating endowment plan. Traditional life insurance plans are poor products and I do not expect LIC Jeevan Labh to be any different. It is a new plan, at least on

Financial Planning Tips for DINK Families

Dual Income No Kids (or DINK) families are likely to have higher disposable incomes. Not a bad situation to find yourself in. If yours is also a DINK family, you are likely to be in a comfortable financial position, at

Problem with Endowment plans

In my earlier posts on traditional life insurance plans, I have tried to make simple excel models to demonstrate that traditional life insurance plans make for poor insurance and investment products. Such plans should be strictly avoided. In this post,

Looking for the Best Financial Planner or Financial Advisor?

Are you looking for a financial planner? Who would you go to?  Will you talk to a local mutual fund distributor or an insurance agent? Will you go to your bank branch and seek investment advice from a relationship manager

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