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PFP Primer: Participating and Non-Participating Life Insurance Policies

A Participating life insurance plan, as the name suggests, participates in the profits of the insurance company. So, if you hear about simple reversionary bonuses, final additional bonus, and loyalty additions, you are most likely looking at a participating plan.

If Insurance Companies were to offer Financial Planning?

Recently, I watched an advertisement by a leading insurance company where the company offered to provide emotional counseling and financial planning services to the family member in the event of demise of the policy holder.  You can watch the ad

NRI Corner: You do not have to break your NRE FD on return

If you are an NRI and are returning to India permanently, you need to convert your non-resident accounts (NRO, NRE) to resident accounts. You should be allowed to continue your NRE FDs as resident FDs at contracted rate till maturity. 

Don’t come crying to us if we lose all your money

If you were to convey to a new investor that mutual fund investments are risky and you can lose your capital if you invest in equity mutual funds, which disclaimer will be better? Don’t come crying to us if we

Time is Money and Life Insurance Companies exploit it!!!

Will you prefer to receive Rs 100 today or Rs 100 five year later? Will you prefer to receive Rs 10,000 today or receive Rs 100 per month for the next 100 months? The answer is quite clear to all

EPF vs NPS: Should you switch from EPF to NPS?

EPF vs NPS NPS vs EPF Featured Image

In Union Budget 2016, the Finance Minister proposed a one-time tax exemption to EPF subscribers to switch to NPS. There will be no tax levied for making such a switch from EPF to NPS. Do note the transfer from EPF

How to download your Free CIBIL report?

In earlier post, I had discussed that you may NOT be far from a day where your credit score will determine the interest you pay on your loans. In fact, a leading bank has already started doing this. Therefore, it

Should you opt for Auto-Sweep facility in your Savings Bank Account?

Amit maintains a relatively high balance in his savings account. He gets a call from his Bank Relationship Manager that he opt for Auto-sweep facility. RM tells him that he will earn better return than savings account and the money

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