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Retirement Planning: Pension plans or Mutual Funds?

Plan to start saving for your retirement? Where should you invest? Let’s look at various products where you can invest in. Defined Benefit Plans from Employers Pension plans from Insurance Companies National Pension Scheme (NPS) Retirement Plans from Mutual Funds

PFP Primer: All you need to know about Systematic Withdrawal Plans

Many of us are familiar with Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), where you invest a fixed amount every month in mutual funds in order to generate a corpus over the long term. However, not many are aware of a closer cousin

8 tips to reduce Health Insurance Premium

Health Insurance Policy Family Floater Health Insurance Portability Tips to reduce health insurance premium

With the healthcare costs rising sharply, it does not take long to understand the importance of adequate health cover in your insurance portfolio. However, health cover comes at a cost. Even though you may appreciate the benefit of adequate health

Demo: How to purchase mutual funds through MF Utility website?

register with MF Utility

In an earlier post, I had discussed how to register with MF Utility. Since then, I have received many queries pertaining to issues while purchasing mutual fund units or setting up SIPs using MF Utility website/portal. In this post, I

Financial Planning Tips for DINK Families

Dual Income No Kids (or DINK) families are likely to have higher disposable incomes. Not a bad situation to find yourself in. If yours is also a DINK family, you are likely to be in a comfortable financial position, at

How Rs 3.2 lacs became Rs 11,678 in 6 years?

Birth of a child brings joy not only to the parents but also parents of the parents i.e. grandparents.  It is not uncommon to see grandparents making an investment in the name of their grandchildren. They want to contribute towards

You can contribute to your NPS account even after you turn 60

NPS tax benefits How to shift NPS account

PFRDA, the pension regulator, had come out with Exit and Withdrawals under NPS in May 2015 and provided much needed clarity. The regulations made provisions for partial withdrawals from NPS and provided a few more options at the time of

8 things to know about MCLR

Starting April 1 this year, all new floating rate loans moved to MCLR regime. MCLR stands for Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate. Under MCLR regime, the lending rate is linked to borrowing cost (deposit rates) of the banks.

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