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NPS updates: Two New Life Cycle Funds and a New Asset Class

PFRDA, in its circular dated November 4, 2016, added two more options of life cycle funds under Auto Choice option viz. Aggressive Life Cycle Fund and Conservative Life Fund. These options are in addition to Existing life cycle fund (Moderate

Retirement Planning: Pension plans or Mutual Funds?

Plan to start saving for your retirement? Where should you invest? Let’s look at various products where you can invest in. Defined Benefit Plans from Employers Pension plans from Insurance Companies National Pension Scheme (NPS) Retirement Plans from Mutual Funds

How to exit NPS?

NPS tax benefits How to shift NPS account

A subscriber can exit NPS due to following reasons: Superannuation (or retirement) Turning 60 (All Citizens model) Premature Exit Death How do you exit NPS? Are you aware of the exit process? PFRDA came out with a circular in November

Product Review: ICICI Home Safe Plus is a useless product

You want your family to inherit your house, not your housing loan. To ensure this, many purchase a term insurance plan when they take a home loan. Proceeds from the life insurance plan can be used to square off loan

Avoid LIC Bima Diamond plan

LIC Bima Diamond is a non-linked, with-profit, limited premium payment money back life insurance plan. This first line itself is a caveat enough for many suspecting investors. LIC has launched the plan marking completion of 60 years of existence of

What are Perpetual Bonds?

Perpetual bonds last till perpetuity i.e. the bonds never mature. There is no maturity date for these bonds. Therefore, the issuer never has to return the principal. The issuer just needs to keep paying the principal. Such bonds cannot be

Demo: How to purchase mutual funds through MF Utility website?

register with MF Utility

In an earlier post, I had discussed how to register with MF Utility. Since then, I have received many queries pertaining to issues while purchasing mutual fund units or setting up SIPs using MF Utility website/portal. In this post, I

There is no LABH in LIC Jeevan Labh

LIC Jeevan Labh (Plan 836) is a limited premium, non-linked participating endowment plan. Traditional life insurance plans are poor products and I do not expect LIC Jeevan Labh to be any different. It is a new plan, at least on

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