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Retirement Planning: Pension plans or Mutual Funds?

Plan to start saving for your retirement? Where should you invest? Let’s look at various products where you can invest in. Defined Benefit Plans from Employers Pension plans from Insurance Companies National Pension Scheme (NPS) Retirement Plans from Mutual Funds

NRI Corner: Capital Gains Tax for NRIs

In this post, I will focus on certain aspects of capital gains taxation for non-resident Indians (NRIs). Even though the rate of capital gains tax is same for residents and non-residents, there are a few differences that affect taxation for

Medical Allowance Vs. Medical Reimbursement

Both the employer and the employee try to structure salary to maximize in-hand income of the employee.  There are certain allowances or expense reimbursements that are not taxable in the hands of the employee. One such payment from employer is

Benefits for Home Loan Borrowers introduced in the Union Budget 2016

The Finance Minister made a few favourable announcements for home loan borrowers in the Union Budget, 2016. In this post, I will discuss the two changes in detail and how these changes affect home loan borrowers. First proposal was to

Tax Treatment of Pension Plans from Insurance Companies

20160512_Tax Benefits on pension plans from Insurance Companies Featured Image

During our working life, we get used to receiving salary credit in our bank accounts. After retirement, this routine can come to an abrupt halt. Many government employees who have been contributing to their Defined Benefit Pension plan can still

Do not Overestimate Tax Benefits on Home Loan Repayment


You have some cash in hand because of the recent annual performance bonus that you received. You have not yet decided how to use that money. You have no credit card or personal loan which needs to be settled at

9 ways to Save Income Tax on Investment Income

How to save tax and avoid clubbing Featured Image 2

In one of the previous posts, I had discussed about how clubbing provisions could be attracted if you invested in the name of family members. In this post, let’s look at some of the ways where you could invest in

PFP Primer: Clubbing of Income

save income tax of sale of house featured image

Have you ever created a fixed deposit in the name of your spouse thinking that interest income will be taxed as your wife’s income? For instance, you are in 30% tax bracket while your spouse is in 10% tax bracket.

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