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How to register with MF Utility?

register with MF Utility

Direct plans of MF schemes have been gaining traction over the last few years. Till about a few months, you had to go to individual AMC websites if you wanted to invest in direct plans of MF schemes. That meant

Does it make sense to purchase a Term plan with return of premium?

Many of us want expect returns even from our term life insurance plans. Just the thought that you won’t get anything back if you survive the policy term is unsettling for many. Therefore, many insurance companies have come out with

Did you know this about ELSS schemes?

As the tax-savings season nears, we start running around to find the best tax-saving investment. Tax-saving mutual fund or Equity linked savings scheme (ELSS) is one of the popular tax-saving options. Almost all of us are aware that there is

Income Tax Calculation for Beginners

You are excited to get first salary credit to your account. Along with salary comes the salary slip. You try to make some sense out of it but can’t.  Somehow, the numbers don’t add up for you. Well, to be

Do you need a Personal Accident Insurance Plan?

Personal Accident Insurance Policy Featured Image

Life is fickle. Anything can happen. You purchase insurance to protect yourself financially against such unfortunate events. A good insurance portfolio ensures that you (or your finances) are covered against all eventualities. Life insurance proceeds will ensure that your family

Why Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) from Equity Funds is a bad idea?

During a discussion, a friend mentioned that he was looking for a regular income and wanted to set up a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) to generate such income. He asked me the equity fund (from his existing portfolio) where he

Now, you have Mutual Funds with Instant Redemption Facility

What is the top criterion while choosing a place to park your emergency funds? For most of us, instant access to funds is one of the most important factors. And this is where balance in savings bank account and fixed

What is the ideal Home Loan Tenure?

A friend asked, “What should be the tenure of a home loan?” I answered, “Depends on the affordability.” My friend replied, “Affordability is always subjective. In my opinion, go for longer tenure. This way EMI will be low. You can

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