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Do not include parents in your Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

I am not saying that you should not purchase health cover for your parents. You should. It is your responsibility to ensure quality health care for the family, including your parents. All I am saying is that you should purchase

Six Health Insurance Myths Debunked

Health Insurance Policy Family Floater Health Insurance Portability Tips to reduce health insurance premium

Many of us realize the importance of adequate health coverage in our insurance portfolio. Without adequate health cover, a prolonged hospitalization can deplete your resources quickly and affect long term financial health. In this post, let’s look at some of

Cost of a Poor Financial Product is much higher than the cost of Professional Investment Advice

20170224_Cost of professional investment advice SEBI Registered Investment Adviser

I get many enquiries about the financial planning or investment advisory services. Once I follow up, a few prospects go cold once we start talking about the fees. I do not deny affordability can be an issue. A few perhaps

Ready for Your Next Trip? Don’t Forget to Buy a Travel Insurance Policy!

For Rahul and his family, their first foreign vacation to Mauritius was like a dream come true. However, the fun did not last long. A few days into the vacation, Rahul’s mother started having severe anxiety. She was immediately rushed

Budget 2017: How cap of Rs 2 lacs for Loss under Income from House Property affects you?

Every Union budget comes with a few positive and negative announcements. In Budget 2017, there were a few positives on personal income tax front.  Tax slab rate was reduced from 10% to 5% for the income tax slab of Rs

8 Tips to Manage Debt Effectively

Tips to manage debt Featured Image

No one wants to take on debt. After all, no loan comes free and you have to pay interest on the loan. Interest cost is the cost that you pay for convenience. Convenience is the comfort of owing an asset

Bank Fixed Deposits Vs Debt Mutual Funds : Part II

20160130_FD vs Debt MF Featured Image

I have already covered the most aspects in my earlier post on Bank Fixed Deposits vs Debt Mutual Funds. In this post, I will discuss a very specific case when you need to withdraw money before 3 years. In such

12 Personal Finance tips for young professionals

Personal Finance Tips for young professionals

Most people don’t start saving from the day they start earning. Even for those who save, money lies idle in savings account. It is only 3-5 years into professional lives that we get serious about investing. In one of my

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