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How change in base year for indexation from 1981 to 2001 affects you?

The Finance Minister, in his budget speech, made three significant announcements in terms of taxation of long term capital gains. Change in holding period (for capital gains to qualify as long term capital gains) for real estate from 3 years

Your CIBIL score can affect your Home Loan interest rate

You are aware that your credit score plays an important role in deciding whether you get a loan or not.  As I understand, every bank checks your CIBIL score (or credit score) as part of its loan sanction process. As

Key Highlights of Union Budget 2017

The Union Budget was presented today by the Finance Minister. Here is list of key budget announcements. 1. Reduction in tax rate in tax slab of Rs 2.5 lacs to Rs 5 lacs from 10% to 5% This will bring

How Goal Based Investing can help you?

For many of us, the purpose of investing is to earn better returns. Nothing wrong with earning higher returns. There is another approach that requires you to set goals/targets and make investments so that you can reach those goals in

Death due to malaria is covered under Accidental Death plan

If you have purchased a standalone personal accident cover and accidental death rider along with your term life insurance plan, you might find a recent ruling by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) interesting. NCDRC has ruled that death due

How to save Income Tax? – Part II – Tax Benefits of Health Insurance

Tax Benefits of Health Insurance

You are aware of the health benefits of health insurance. But, are you aware of the tax benefits of health insurance? Do you know that you can claim tax benefit for payment for preventive health checkup too? Are you aware

Four phases of Retirement Planning: Earn, Save, Grow and Preserve

When it comes to retirement planning, the common advice is to start investing early, make regular contributions and let the compounding work in your favour. But, is it really that simple? Should the way you approach your retirement planning be

Should you start a Perpetual SIP?

A Perpetual SIP, as the name suggests, continue as long as you are around. Typically, when you are filling up a form (paper or online), you have to specify start and end date for SIP. If you select Perpetual option,

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