Best Mutual Fund Direct Plan Platforms in India (How to invest in Direct Mutual Funds online?)


The awareness about direct mutual funds (or direct plans of mutual fund schemes) is increasing.

And why not?

You stand to earn higher returns for no additional risk.

It is foolish to invest in regular plans if you are a do-it-yourself investor. You are compromising on returns for no hint of advice.

Even for those who need assistance, it may be a good choice to work with a SEBI RIA (or a fee-only financial planner) and subsequently invest in direct plans (especially if you have a big portfolio). Please appreciate the conflict of interest since I am a SEBI RIA.

Now the question, How to invest in Direct Mutual Funds online? Direct plans of mutual funds save you cost while online investing provides you convenience.

I have compiled a list of various online mutual fund direct plan platforms or websites in India. You can try out these portals and choose the one that fits your requirements the best.

Best Mutual Fund Direct Plan Platforms/websites in India

Here is the list (in alphabetical order except for the first two entries) of direct plan platforms in India.

  1. Respective AMC websites
  2. MF Utility ( I use MF Utility)
  3. BharosaClub
  4. CAMSOnline/MyCAMS
  5. ClearFunds
  6. Expowealth
  7. ETMoney
  8. Groww
  9. Invezta
  10. Jama
  11. Kuvera
  12. MoneyFront
  13. OroWealth
  14. PaisaBazaar
  15. Piggy (App only)
  16. PayTM Money
  17. Savvy
  18. Unovest
  19. Upraise
  20. WealthTrust
  21. WixiFi
  22. Zerodha Coin

NRIs can also register on these platforms to invest in direct plans of mutual fund schemes.

Some of these platforms may also permit investments in regular plans too. Therefore, ensure that the scheme you purchase has “Direct” appended to the scheme name.

Please understand this is not an endorsement of any of these portals. I have not really used out any of these portals (except MF Utility). For a few others, I have had just a cursory glance.

Moreover, I have no plans to compare these portals anytime soon.  I have merely compared the costs below for some of the portals(but the cost alone can’t be the criterion). You need to decide the right portal for you. Better to go with a popular one.

Do note even if your platform were to close down, your investments will still be safe.

Direct plans are best suited for Do-it-yourself (DIY) investors. If you can’t select the right funds for you on your own and struggle with investment discipline, it is better to seek advice from a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (SEBI RIA) and subsequently invest in direct plans.

Performance Comparison: Direct Mutual Funds vs. Regular Mutual Funds

Fees/Charges of Direct Mutual Fund platforms/websites

These direct plan investment portals have different business models. A few charge a flat fee while others charge on a per transaction basis.

You do not have to pay anything for transactions through MF Utility, CAMSOnline or respective AMC websites.

Many of these portals are built upon MF Utility and hence can only allow investments with mutual fund houses that are onboard MFU.

PayTM has launched a free direct plan platform in PayTM Money. Many direct plan platforms have gone free to avoid obsolescence.

Budget Constraints

Unlike many regular plan portals, these direct plans platform may not have strong marketing budgets. And there is a clear reason for this.

For instance, a regular plan platform will earn ~Rs 50,000-Rs 1 lacs per annum from your investment worth Rs 1 crore (assuming 0.5%-1% commission income). On the other hand, the direct plan platform will not earn more than Rs 2,000 per annum for the same or even bigger portfolio.

The earnings may vary based on the business model. Therefore, these platforms need to keep their costs under control.

Which is the best direct mutual fund website/platform for you?

You can try out these portals. Almost all the portals offer a free trial period.

I would prefer a platform with good support.

I expect all the portals to offer similar features. Don’t think they can do much beyond a point. Many of these portals may choose to display very complex information but I believe much of it won’t be any use for MF investors.

If you were to choose between various pricing models, then you can take a call based on your transaction pattern. By the way, investment in direct plans of MF schemes is already saving you a lot of money.

If you do multiple transactions of small values, portals that charge per transaction fee can be very expensive for you. A flat fee model may be a much better choice. For instance, if the portal charges Rs 99 per purchase transaction and you make a purchase of Rs 5,000, you are immediately incurring an upfront cost of 2%.

On the other hand, if you do only a few transactions (set up SIP and forget about it), per transaction fee may be cheaper for you (unless there is a minimum annual fee that the website charges).

Do a bit of simple maths. You will find an answer (if cost is a concern).

Can I switch/convert from regular mutual funds to direct mutual funds using these websites?

Well, that depends on whether your existing investments are visible on the platforms. Your older investments will be visible on AMC websites, CAMS/Karvy portals and MF Utility. You can shift to direct from such platforms. Even those websites that use MF Utility as the transaction platform, you can switch from regular to direct. More on this topic in this post.

Cost Comparison (Charges comparison) Mutual Fund Direct Plan Websites

best direct mutual fund direct plan websites platforms cost comparison charges review

These are the direct plan platforms I am aware of. There could be many more. If you are aware of any other such portals, please let me know in the comments section.

Disclosure: I am registered on MF Utility as a SEBI RIA and help clients with online transactions on MF Utility.  Since MFU is an enabler in providing services to my clients, you can expect me to have a bit of soft corner towards MF Utility.

The post was first published in May 2017 and has been updated since.

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105 thoughts on “Best Mutual Fund Direct Plan Platforms in India (How to invest in Direct Mutual Funds online?)”

  1. Hi,

    You use MF Utility for transaction aggregation but how do you track your portfolio?

    If I require a visual presentation of my portfolio, what would you recommend?

    Warm Regards

    1. Deepesh Raghaw

      Hi Kamal,
      I keep things very simple. Do not track much. I do not keep chasing the best funds.
      I get the hang that my funds are doing well or badly.
      I download statement from CAMS website (portfolio valuation statement) or Karvy website every 3-6 months
      You get CAS also every month or quarter. This is enough for me.
      At my age, it is more important to invest more. And that’s where the focus lies.

      1. Abhinav Maheshwari

        I have one suggestion – upload the full transaction CAMS statement every once month on and you can view the pictorial representation. I do the same.

    2. Sarang Deshmukh

      CAMS allows you to track your portfolio on their website – MY CAMS. You can see details of your investment, % of portfolio etc, on dashboard. You can also download statement for MF serviced by CAMS+Karvy on CAMS website. Moreover, NSDL sends you CAS – client asset statement every month with all your investments and valuation.

      If you still want everything at one place to have a glance anytime, you can use website who allows tracking MF+NPS+Stocks etc (Don’t think appropriate to name websites on this blog).

      1. Hi Sarang,
        I agree you can track portfolio easily through the ways you mentioned.
        However, with CAMS app, you can view only for CAMS serviced funds.
        NSDL statement is monthly.
        There may be investors who want better access.
        What’s wrong with naming websites here?

      1. Yes. Currently we are only App based platform both iOS (recently launched) & Android. We have launched fund explorer also on our web platform recently (It’s highly user friendly and clutter free, give it a shot). We are coming up with web based transactions too in next few weeks.

  2. Hi Deepesh,

    i have opened account in MF Utility. But i am not seeing any direct schemes . for amc like sbi,birla,DSP,Axis there are no direct plan. Could you suggest why is that so? shall i open in amc site directly?


  3. hello sir
    i have an trading account in NJ Wealth to invest in mutual funds. please tell me these company is reliable or not.

    1. Hi Sachin,
      Please go through SEBI Registered Investment Adviser Regulations, 2013.
      Defines eligibility criteria and application process in detail.

  4. sir, i am planning to go for zerodha coin, i already have a demat account there so i wont need to open account else where
    cost is my concern coin will charge rs50 p.m when invst in MF exceed 25k so that comes to rs600 per year,
    there are no other charges like commission,trailing fees,transaction charges etc,
    is this the best option available with me or i have more easier and cheaper ways.

    1. Hi Yash,
      Choice depends on your transaction pattern.
      if you are ok with holding MF units in demat format, Zerodha makes for a really good choice.

  5. Great informative article.

    MoneyFront is our direct plan platform. We have both a website and an app (android, ios coming soon).
    And we charge a flat fee per year irrespective of transactions and amount. And you can track your portfolio, get tax reports all in one inclusive price.

  6. Sir I am planning to invest in MF. I already have a demat account in ICICI.
    Should I prefer Online direct plan platform
    Will ICICI will charge for Direct MF plans.

    Suggest me.

    1. ICICI Direct will not let you invest in direct plans.
      If they allow direct plans, most direct plan platforms will die. 🙂

      1. Pls clarify some queries
        1. Is camsonline is safe to invest in MF direct paln.
        2. Is this is right time to invest in MF.
        3. Pls advise some MF (equity) shall I through with it upto 50K, and how should I diversify them.

        1. 1. CAMSOnline is safe.
          2. Don’t know.
          3. See, you don’t really diversify in investing money in different equity funds. But yes, if you are not comfortable putting money in a single fund, you can invest in two funds.

  7. Sir, I have already invested in mutual funds through broker in regular plan . But now I want to invest in direct plan. I want to know that I should invest in same folio number provided by broker… or… should invest in new folio number for direct  plan.. Reply please.

  8. But I decided to clear all investment in regular plan after completion of one year. I want to delete everything which was created by by broker (et money). Is any effect on my direct plan in future. And also tell me how to deactivate OTM account which was created by,’ Et money ‘ during regular plan.

    1. Brijesh,
      For Deactivation of One-time mandate, you will have to contact ET Money or your bank.
      You can transact in the same folio. No effect on your future investments.
      Btw, there is nothing wrong in opening a new folio either. Just that it adds to the clutter.

  9. Please tell me
    Karvy portal is safe or not.?
    Is it provides services free of cost or taking charges during transaction and redemption.? Or any type of annual charge.

  10. Sir, please tell, a sum of amount started through sip, and after some days if I want to decrease or increase the amount of same sip of the same plan, then how to do it.

    1. Increase or decrease of SIP amounts is not allowed.
      You can always cancel existing SIP and start a new one.
      Or if you want to increase SIP amount, you can start SIP for the differential amount.

  11. Sir,
    Thanks for the info.
    I am investing in MFUonline, its a great platform.
    How to calculate LTCG and STCG, as MFU doesn’t has this facility?


  12. Hello Deepesh,
    Genuine article 🙂

    I would like to know that if you have any idea about whether i can subscribe for any paid platform (clearfunds or moneyfront or invezta or wealthtrust or piggy or etc.) as of now and then later on if i would like to move to any other paid platform (clearfunds or moneyfront or invezta or wealthtrust or piggy or etc.), OR also whether i can stop using any of these and only rely on mycams/karvy.

    1) will it be possible?
    2) if yes what will happen to my ongoing sip/lump sum investment?

    1. Hi Vishal,
      Thanks. Will really appreciate if you could share the post with your friends too. They might find it useful too.

      Shifting investments across platforms (say from Clearfunds to Invezta) will be problematic. You might have to run around a bit to change RIA code in the investments. Not sure if these platforms have this functionality to fetch earlier investments.

      CAN based platforms (built upon MFU as transaction platform) may be able to do that.

      However, these investments will always be visible from your CAMS/Karvy platforms.
      Don’t worry about platforms closing down (And many of these will.) Your investments will still be quite safe. You can access those investments from CAMS/Karvy/AMC websites/MFU. Your SIPs may stop.
      Hope this answers your question.

      1. Thank you, Deepesh, for the very informative and quick reply.
        This question was haunting me since few days and couldn’t able to find an answer by googling.
        Your answer clears the doubts.

        Yet, you’ve said, “Your SIPs may stop.”
        So, if I wanted to continue or change an amount of SIPs after leaving those platforms, will I be able to do that by using any of CAMS/Karvy/AMC websites/MFU?

        1. For SIPs, you have to start afresh. Register One-Time-Mandate (same as PayEezz) with CAMS/Karvy.
          With AMC sites, you can start SIPs by making suitable entry through your net banking portal.


  14. Hi Deepesh, great list.

    You could also add Jama ( to your list. We’ve got a web application and are also on Android and iOS. Our basic account allows you to invest up to Rs. 50,000 without any charges whatsoever. For portfolios over Rs. 50,000, charges start at Rs. 49 per month. There is no transaction charge either.

      1. Thanks a lot, Deepesh. Jama is Hyderabad-based, started in May 2017, with over 10,000 users on Android currently and a great user rating of 4.5 on Google Play. We offer over 2000 direct mutual funds, an intelligent fund picker, automatic SIP and much else on our free platform. Do give it a try!

        1. Hi Kenneth, can you share your email ID with us. Need some more information regarding your website and build more business relationship .

          1. Deepesh Raghaw

            Hi Nikita,
            Kenneth works with Jama. You can get his id on that website.
            If you want to connect with us, please write to support[at]

  15. Hey Deepesh,

    We can invest in direct plans via the respective MF’s portals themselves right? (There are regular and direct plans visible in the portal itself)

    All these platforms do is gather them at one place instead of having multiple accounts .

    Am I right or am i missing something?

    1. Hi Manish,
      You are correct.
      Aggregator platforms are only for convenience.
      You can also invest in direct plans from respective AMC websites.

    1. Hi Pandit,
      The list is there with you.
      Try out a couple of platforms (almost all have free trials) and decide subsequently.
      I use MF Utility. However, that does not mean it is the best portal.

    1. Hi George,
      Direct plans have “Direct” appended to schemes names.
      You can’t invest in direct plans through ICICIDirect since it is a distributor.

  16. shivajisinghgurjar

    Hi Deepesh,
    Loving your blog. You are a learned man.
    Wish to get more info about equity as an asset.
    Currently all my asset is PPF/SSY/EPF/VPF/FD/NSC.
    I invest 50k annually in NPS though for tax and this has equity, 50%.
    Can you please suggest should i increase my exposure in NPS (0.01 expense) like 2 LAC annual as expense is 1/100th of MF or tier 2 will be good or should i go with some equity savings mutual fund like hdfc equity savings fund (0.62 expense) or icici balanced advantage fund (0.92 expense)??? are these funds safe for investor like me, risk averse??

    1. Dear Shiv,
      All funds with underlying equity investments are risky.
      Suggest you go through the following post.
      If the focus is on costs, NPS can be a good alternative.
      However, you have to be mindful of tax implications.
      you also need to see where you nps fund manager is investing. If they are in turn investing in actively managed funds, you are not really saving any costs.

  17. Hello..

    It seems you are doing good job here.

    I have got gomf app and now how to proceed further like registration n all.

    I think lots of paper work is involved in it may be it a one time activity.

    Plz Reply…

  18. Hello Deepesh,

    I am planning to invest Rs.35000 in “ICICI Prudential Value Fund – Series 19 – Direct plan cumulative”.

    Though this is a new fund, please let me know your opinion on this fund,

    Also, is it possible to invest in ICICI Prudential Value Fund – Series 19 – Direct plan cumulative using MF Utility?

    or can you suggest any fund which I can invest 35k for 7-10 years.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Anurag,
      Can’t comment on specific funds.
      As I see it is a closed ended funds. I don’t see any reason for investing in such funds.

  19. Hi deepak,

    I was looking to invest in direct plans thru Money front site as they have all Direct plans on one Platform .
    Are these genuine and is your money safe ?

    What if I need to switch to other platforms , how does it affect my investments

    1. Hi Sandeep,
      I can’t vouch for any platform but I see no issues in investing through MoneyFront.
      So, go ahead.
      MoneyFront is a transaction platform. Your investments are with the AMC.
      If you don’t want to use a particular platform, you can start using others. Just that you will have to get the RIA code changed.
      If you are using a CAN based platform, you can access investments made through any platform.

    1. Not sure if I got your question right.
      Expenses for a fund are charged by the AMC.
      In case of a regular plan, charges are higher because of inherent commissions.

  20. I have been your reader for past few months and today had some opportunity to contribute in terms of this topic and hence thought of replying.

    I switched over to Direct Funds in mid 2016 – yes was 3 years late in learning about Direct 🙁

    Post that the first thing I did was to open CAN through MFU and my experience was good. Though off-late MFU has become damn slow when it come to queries over phone / email. They also closed their toll-free nos. Having said so they offer facilities like CaSt, CaRt etc which are quite good and also their system works well – so once CAN is allocated they are good for day to day transaction with usage of other sites for analysis / returns etc.

    I have tried following portals in last few months and explored the free version / features only:

    1) WealthTrust – in free model, you can only review investment via CAMS statement over their app. OK to use on the move and see how the movement is etc etc. They have option to get CAMs statement generated one click and delivered to our from wherein have to just forward and it gets updated over app. This features works quite well.

    I use it on my Android phone for on the move review.

    2) Piggy – in free model, you can only review investment via CAMS statement over their app. They too have feature like getting CAS over one click… For me that never worked. The app is Okay at best and not worth efforts.

    I have uninstalled it !

    3) BharosClub / Invetza – logged in and found they don’t offer any service for free users like me.

    So never logged again

    4) OroWealth – in their current free model, you can go and use options (though under heading of Premium Tools) like Portfolio Health Checkup, Top Picks etc.

    I have extensively used their Portfolio Health Check for last 1 year or so. Herein you can upload CAMS statements and analyse returns at many levels like XIRR, year wise returns, no. of units free of exit load, direct & regular folios, investment distribution into type of funds / sectors etc etc. These reports can be downloaded as excel. In past they had capital gain option too (if I remember correctly) which seems to be missing now.

    I use their Portfolio Health Checkup regularly.

    5) Kuvera – got invite from one of the founders via Quora and using it for last 1 month or so. They use Karvy CAS upload and once done you can use same folios for further investment via BSE Star backend. They are promising site as they offer free of cost invesment into direct funds. For lumpsum you can start rightaway. To invest via SIP etc you need to register Bank Mandate and can start. For STP you need to initiate via email as they set it from backend. Their email support is quite good and fast and they are receptive of ideas.

    But they need to do lot of work on their data analytics like XIRR Returns year wise, Realized Capital Gains, Investment distribution analysis etc and provide options for reports export as excel. Going to give feedback detailed feedback to them over email later.

    It looks very promising and am using it for my dad’s investment management. I can invite if someone wants to try 🙂

    6) Unovest – have been a user for past 1 year or so and had been using only for Portfolio Analysis. Just learnt last week that it has allows transactionsand that too free of cost. It uses MFU platform and once your CAN details are verified by them can start investing. I uploaded latest CAMS CAS, mapped my Folios with CAN and did a transaction today and it was breeze. The Portfolio Analysis, the feature for which I started using Unovest, is quite good. It offers capital gain / loss, gives summary, investment distribution into type of funds / sectors etc etc. The website is slow sometimes. And also Vipin – the founder seems quite active and shares useful information / DIY stuff.

    It looks very promising and along with Kuvera on my radar. Since I do most of my transactions through MFU, will be using Unovest more and more. I am sure Vipin will continue to bring enchacements.

    So with this, ends my reply post… Hope readers find it useful.

    Gagan P

    1. Wow!!!
      Thanks Gagan for such an elaborate and useful comment.
      Am sure many readers will benefit.
      I have interacted with Vipin and Kuvera founders.
      I am sure they will be really pleased to see that they are adding value.

  21. Hello Sir,

    I recently came across a new mutual platform called INFINI MF.They offer direct mutual fund platform and their platform is very much similar to zerodha’s Coin.

    What would be your take on that platform?

  22. Sameer Sanjeev Dighe

    My current mutual funds are through NJWealth. How do I transfer them to a portal with direct mutual funds?

    1. Deepesh Raghaw

      You can sell the regular plan investments once they complete exit load period.
      Additionally, wait for 1 year so that tax treatment is benign. I assume you have equity mutual funds.
      Subsequently, you can purchase the same investment in direct plans (from a direct plan portal).
      Some portals may allow you to switch from regular to direct through click of a mouse.

  23. hi,

    Is it possible that you can transfer all the current MF that one holds on the respective AMC sites (Direct or Regular – Growth or Div) to MF Utility?

    1. Deepesh Raghaw

      Hi Maitri,
      MFU will automatically show investments with other AMCs.
      Does not matter how you made the investment (physical forms, AMC sites, some other platform etc).
      You don’t have to transfer anything.

  24. Shaanto Kuriappan

    I also use MF Utility. As much as I appreciate it being free and allows accessing to Direct Plans, I have noticed the following. They do not make sure that all funds are present in Direct Plan. For example, they have recently added Mirae to their Fund List. Mirae Asset Emergin Blue Chip is available only as a Regular Plan.
    Since 2 years now, on MF Utility, I cannot switch from IDFC Premier Equity Regular to Direct. However, I can start a new SIP in IDFC Premier Direct. In the Switch option menu that comes up, they simply do not show IDFC Premier Equity Direct. More recently, I wanted to start with SBI Small & Midcap on Direct Plan. Nope, not present. I have filed Complaints on their website. I have called twice and mentioned to them. No changes. I know they are free, but if they are representing AMFI fund houses, I assume AMFI takes care of them. Kind of a bummer that they advertise MF Utility but have no means to ensure that all listed Fund Houses have their respective Direct Plans represented.

    1. Deepesh Raghaw

      Hi Shaanto,
      Please expect some bias in my response. I use MFU for a number of clients to manage their portfolios.
      Nothing is perfect. MFU does not have all the fund houses onboard.
      For some of the funds, you need to check if the AMCs are accepting lumpsum purchases.
      For instance, in case of Mirae Emerging Bluechip, the AMC does not accept lumpsum purchases. It only accepts SIPs to the extent of Rs 25,000 per month.
      Therefore, MFU cannot do anything about it.
      Think that’s the case with IDFC Premier Equity too. Even though it is a switch, switch means redemption following by fresh purchase.
      If fresh purchase is not allowed by the AMC, switch will not work.
      Hope this answers your question.

      1. Shaanto Kuriappan

        Hi Deepesh
        Thank you for your response. It was a good tip, to check for lumpsum purchase allowance. It did not hit me that a Switch would also be considered lumpsum. I was starting to lose patience with MFU. This explanation helps ease that. 🙂 Thank you.
        I really wish though, that I could have learned about it from MFU folks responding to my requests & registered complaints, than on a portal outside it. All I needed was an explanation. If they cannot do so, then it is fine too. Now that I know, I will find another way.

        By the way, after I wrote to you, I found out that SBI Small & Midcap is suspended for sales at the moment. They have a 750 or 850 crore asset limit for the fund, I think. So MFU may not be able to do much at the moment.

        As for IDFC Premier, honestly, I am thinking of leaving it. It has been under performing for a while and since the manager change in 2016, it is still not coming back to its previous levels. Same guy works on IDFC Sterling and he gets that to number one in performance last year. Aww…come on !! That’s just annoying . 🙂

        1. Deepesh Raghaw

          Hi Shaanto,
          Great that my answer helped.
          Agree that customer service is an issue that MFU needs to work on. I have seen many complaints about the quality of customer service at MFU.
          Can’t do much about it. They also have a Facebook page and MFU CEO is on Twitter. You can escalate there too.
          Can’t give fund specific advice. I typically give my investments a long rope.
          If the two funds have a different mandate, the returns can be very different (even though both are managed by the same manager).
          Can understand this can be very frustrating.

    1. Deepesh Raghaw

      Hi Ankit,
      I am not the right person to answer this question.
      You can talk to Kuvera about this. I am not privy to their business strategy.
      As I understand, they provide analytics services to AMCs.
      They may have plans to launch paid services in the future.

  25. Update for Clearfunds : We have reverted to a free model where investors won’t be charged anything for investing.
    As always, there are no account opening or maintenance charges either.

    We have also launched an optional premium feature called Smart Portfolios.
    The Smart Portfolio pricing model has been kept at Rs.999 per annum per portfolio.

    Hope this information helps you update any previous articles as well as write any more going forward.

    1. Hi Manu,
      I have not used this platform. As I see Groww is a direct plan platform. So, no issues in my opinion. Go ahead.
      You don’t have to worry much about security.

  26. Hi Deepesh,
    I was investing through via fund house portal in direct plans.
    Recently I have registered in MFUtility portal thinking to manage from one place.
    however only 2 portfolios are reflecting in the dashboard and other 3 fund house are not reflecting.
    Your inputs on this is highly appriciated.

  27. Hey, I have invested in HDFC AMC through an app this I installed called Noticed in this article that this app is not available on the list even though it is free. Is it safe? Should I be worried?

  28. What are your thoughts on Karvy?
    After the SOA generation fraud of myCams in which the branch manager of Ludhiana branch was involved, I am planning to move half of my MF units to someplace else. (not have all eggs in the same basket)

  29. Came across Kuvera global and also Kuvera, quite similar name. Are they global and indian name version? Could anyone throw light on this please? Thank you

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